New Year, New You?

New Year … New You?
By Elizabeth Fellows, M.Ac., L.Ac., CHHC
Acupuncturist and Holistic Health CounselorDirector, Center Point Healing
New Year’s resolutions.How many of us vow at the start of each new year that we will “get healthy” – eat better, exercise more, quit smoking and lose that extra weight? After January 1, there’s a noticeable uptick in how crowded the gym is. But in a few weeks, things always seem to regress as we get discouraged or simply feel we can’t keep up with our grand plans for self transformation.

When I work with patients who want to make changes, I first ask them to define what “get healthy” means. We translate that into very specific actions. “Eat better” might mean including one or two more green vegetable servings in meals each day. Or not snacking after 8:00 p.m.. Maybe it’s drinking an additional glass of water. ; “Exercise more” might become a goal of walking five or ten more minutes each day, going to an exercise class one or two times per week, using the stairs instead of the elevator at work. “Losing weight” would mean setting a goal that is realistic, based on an embodied experience of having been that weight as an adult and actually feeling better – not a number selected off a weight table or what one weighed in high school.

Setting achievable goals requires getting very specific.  

In my experience, the more specific the plan, the more likely one is to succeed. The plan should include making small, doable changes that build off each other. Stepping stones. Walking five or ten minutes more for two weeks, then fifteen minutes more the following two weeks.

I also advocate a mentality of adding rather than cutting: Add more fruits and vegetables to each meal instead of taking something away. It’s the same thing with a smoking cessation plan. Adding deep breathing exercises, meditation, short breaks spent outdoors without a cigarette can ease tension and replace some of the underlying reasons that someone smokes in the first place.

Motivation, Support & Embracing Missteps

In addition to a specific plan, people who are able to successfully change habits over the long term have three things: motivation, a support network and the understanding that there will be missteps along the way.

As for motivation, ask yourself why you want to make these changes. Instead of saying, “I want to lose weight so I can be healthy,” make a list of all the things you’ll be able to do without the excess weight. Maybe it’s to have more energy to play with your children or grandchildren, or take up a hobby that has always interested you. And be certain you’re making the change because you want to do it for yourself. If you are working someone else’s plan for you, chances are you won’t stick with it.

Having a strong support network is critical. Enlist a buddy – your spouse, a friend or coworker – who will agree to remind you why you are making these changes. Let that person know that their support will help you be a better spouse, friend, or coworker to them. Let that person (or persons) know you will be calling on them for support when you need some encouragement and acknowledgment, and give them some specific instructions about what you will want: “When I’m too tired to exercise in the morning, I need you to remind me that this walk will help me to feel more energized and to be in a better mood with the children today.”

Finally, understanding that missteps are part of the journey. Studies have shown that the people who are successful long-term with weight loss and other lifestyle changes are the ones who know they will “fall off the wagon” from time to time. They don’t dwell on the fall or use it as an excuse to give up. Take each fall as a lesson and move on. Spending energy berating yourself for the misstep is wasting energy you could be using to get yourself back on track. Knowing this will happen and being prepared for it will allow you to recover more quickly and to keep moving forward toward your goals. Be as loving and compassionate with yourself as you would be to a friend who asks for your help.


Welcome Spring with Wellness Wednesdays!

Lunch is on us this spring as we bring you our newest offering:  Free Lunchtime Wellness Sessions. Enjoy a delicious lunch and leave with strategies to create a healthier you!

 Join us for Wellness Wednesdays as we explore pathways to promote a more balanced life.  Beginning Wednesday, March 28th and meeting every other Wednesday through June 6th we will focus on a specific area of wellness each week – eating, playing, sleeping and working.  Facilitated by our wellness coach, Melanie, we invite you to attend what promises to be an hour full of discovery, validation and sharing as we open with “Overcoming Obstacles to Healthy Eating”.

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March 28th – Overcoming Obstacles to Healthy Eating

April 11th – Mindfulness and Eating

April 25th – Are you Getting Enough Play in Your Life?

May 9th – Strategies for Better Sleep

May 23rd – Discovering Your Values

June 6th – Aligning Your Values with Your Work

October News and Specials!

Well, the leaves are changing, and we are EXCITED about all of the changes happening at Center Point!!

Our Open House is scheduled for Saturday, October 22nd, from 3:30 until 7 pm.  Please drop by to say hello, meet our new staff members, share some refreshments and enter our prize drawings.  Bring a friend or family member — maybe you have someone in your life who has questions about acupuncture, Chinese herbs, massage therapy — and they will be able to ask questions, check out their health insurance coverage, etc.  Also, you will both be entered into a drawing for  a FREE nutrition consultation, wellness coaching session, or a 30-minute massage.

“Intro to Wellness” class.  This is a two-part class directed by our new Wellness Coach, Melanie Clark.  Melanie comes to us from the Wellness Coaching program at Tai Sophia Institute, one of the leading holistic healing educational institutions in the United States.  The class will be held here at the office on two Thursdays,  October 13th and 27th, from 6:00 – 7:30 pm.  Your investment is only $20.  Space is limited, so sign up today.  The class will give you a sense of what Melanie has to offer her clients by asking the question, ‘where are you on the Wellness Wheel’?  Are you feeling stuck, going through a life transition?  Looking for a way to see what else is possible for your life?  This new service might be just what you need to help you get in touch with your inner wisdom.

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Finally, we have extended our discounted pricing on massage through 10/31/2011.  After that, prices will go up a bit.  If you want to lock in these super rates, you can purchase massage certificates now that will be good for six months.

Wishing you a wonderful October, and we hope to see you around,

Elizabeth, Darren, Shannon, and Melanie