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Competent and Caring

It is with a very high praise that I recommend Elizabeth Fellows to you, I have had in the past, some experience with acupuncture and I can say that working with Elizabeth has been a pleasure, and her competence in this field has been demonstrated to me in the course of my treatments. She not only has demonstrated a high degree of technical competence but also her willingness to be present during all of my treatments as a fully human person in conjunction with me and open to the possibilities that are to be accessed in the present, this has facilitated my growth and personal presence in the moment.

As a practitioner, Elizabeth has demonstrated to me a very wide data-base of knowledge in the field of acupuncture. Her technical skills and comprehension of the field are excellent. She brings this knowledge into the treatment room on my every visit to her office. I have been very satisfied with the results that I have obtained during the course of the treatments that I have received from her in the past year. I have grown and been able to make progress in a holistic sense as a result of our work together, both by internally balancing myself and this has manifest itself in the physical level, externally.

M.M., Laurel, Maryland