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Elizabeth Fellows

My journey to becoming an acupuncturist began when I was a little girl.  I listened intently as the nuns talked about each one of us being called by God to our vocation, our life’s work. As the years went on, and I grew older, I wondered why God had not yet called me.

As I was approaching my fortieth birthday, I began to evaluate my life and career. I was doing some amazing volunteer work with homeless women in downtown Washington, DC and was reading the autobiography of Dorothy Day.  She wrote of her own calling to serve the poor, and I felt deeply inspired by her story and her commitment and diligence even in the face of incredible obstacles. Still, I was not yet certain of what my own path would be.

In my mid-thirties I had begun receiving acupuncture treatment to get relief from the asthma and allergies I had had all my life.  Although I had a profound healing experience, and even went on to run marathons, it was not until I turned 40 when I got the call to become an acupuncturist myself. I was on the Metro one morning riding to work when I heard a voice say, “Go to acupuncture school.”

So, I went home that evening and told my husband that I needed to study acupuncture. It wasn’t easy going back to school, but I had finally discovered my vocation. I was so excited and inspired that I graduated at the top of my class in July, 2006. Just one month later I opened my office in Hyattsville, Maryland. Since then I have had the tremendous privilege of treating hundreds of patients of all ages and walks of life.

I was thrilled to be doing the work I loved, but my journey did not end with acupuncture. In fact, my passion for acupuncture led me further into the study of Chinese medicine. I completed a three-year intensive study of Chinese herbal medicine, and my office features a pharmacy where my patients can easily obtain the medicines they need. I am also a certified holistic health counselor with advanced training in fertility, gynecology, dermatology, and internal medicine.  I am currently deepening my understanding of treating cancer patients with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

Additionally, I have had the honor of teaching in the acupuncture program at the Maryland University of Integrative Health and to have served as a clinic supervisor in the school’s Chinese Herb Program.

During my 18 years of clinical practice I have seen over 1,500 different patients and completed over 30,000 treatments.  With each treatment I continue to be humbled and inspired by the power of this medicine.

The body’s wisdom, it’s innate ability to heal, and the realization that we are all sparks of the divine are the primary principles at the heart of my work. When the body develops symptoms, it is sending out a message that there is an imbalance disrupting the whole person as mind-body-spirit. Even in the case of very serious conditions, the body has a magnificent ability to heal once the source of the imbalance is discovered and treated. Sometimes that imbalance begins with the mind—our thoughts and emotions. We forget our divine nature and our oneness with the universe.

I have learned that when we let go, surrender ourselves to the moment, and ask for what we need, the universe lovingly and abundantly responds. Letting the wisdom and healing energy of the universe flow through us allows us to nurture and restore ourselves and each other to wellness.

How grateful and honored I am to be present with my patients alive and awake to what IS as I journey with them through the healing process.

My Philosophy of Healing

Your body is very wise. If you learn to listen to what your body is telling you of its needs for rest, nourishment, physical activity, play, and care, you will know everything you need to know about healing yourself. Chinese medicine is the oldest continually practiced form of medicine in the world, and is currently used by more than one-third of the world’s population to stay well and to tend illness and injury. To the ancient Chinese there was no question that each of us contains all that we need to heal to the degree that nature will allow. Our work together is to help you to tune in to yourself and to learn how your amazing body can awaken and heal itself of physical, emotional and spiritual ills.

I believe in empowering my patients to be the leaders of their journeys to lifelong health and wellness. My role is to be your partner — to support you with acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and coaching to help you discover what you need to feel fully alive, vibrant and energized!

You are a unique being. In the history of the universe there will never be another like you, and you deserve to be tended with special care. I invite you to visit me at Center Point Healing to discover yourself and the life you’ve always wanted to live.