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Elizabeth is an outstanding acupuncturist

Elizabeth is an outstanding acupuncturist.  I saw her two years ago for specific physical problems and am continuing to work with her as I address larger life issues.  As a movement analyst and teacher, I admire the effective blend of professional skills and personal qualities that Elizabeth brings to her work; and, as a patient, I deeply appreciate the results.   Her ability to be warmly receptive and genuinely present with me, and at the same time to also be keenly attentive to information that she gains from my demeanor, tone, and ways of framing the nature of my symptoms during the course of our conversation is impressive.  Her skill in reading the pulses amazes me; her touch is very reassuring; and I find her to be highly intuitive in her choice of points for each treatment.  I also appreciate the fact that she shares her choices with me so that I am more fully able to understand the nature of the work.  I could not ask for a better guide in my current journey.

A.W.  University Park, MD