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Former Skeptic

Acupuncture has been a godsend to my life. Prior to coming to you for treatment, I was one of the biggest skeptics around. I had been on medication after medication and even tried herbal teas and foot soaks but nothing has compared to the relief that I’ve gotten from acupuncture treatments. Though I have a long way to go, I would rather do it safely and this has proven to be just that. Your positive and caring attitude has taken away a lot of the frustration that I felt. I always leave feeling that you care and that you’re really doing what it takes to help me. For 6 months, it was disheartening going to other healthcare providers only to leave feeling discounted and discouraged. Not only that, but it’s worse when doctors quickly shove medicines in your face because they can’t figure out what’s wrong. I guess that’s why they call it “Practice.” All my visits were rushed and short but you take the time to consider all possible treatment avenues and each time I benefit from it. Acupuncture treatment has been simple and dignified. I would recommend it to anyone and would especially like to encourage other skeptics to try it before going through the unnecessary drama that me, and thousands of others have gone through. Acupuncture is definitely for me. Thanks for being there.

C.N, Upper Marlboro, Maryland