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Elizabeth is an outstanding acupuncturist

Elizabeth is an outstanding acupuncturist.  I saw her two years ago for specific physical problems and am continuing to work with her as I address larger life issues.  As a movement analyst and teacher, I admire the effective blend of professional skills and personal qualities that Elizabeth brings to her work; and, as a patient, I deeply appreciate the results.   Her ability to be warmly receptive and genuinely present with me, and at the same time to also be keenly attentive to information that she gains from my demeanor, tone, and ways of framing the nature of my symptoms during the course of our conversation is impressive.  Her skill in reading the pulses amazes me; her touch is very reassuring; and I find her to be highly intuitive in her choice of points for each treatment.  I also appreciate the fact that she shares her choices with me so that I am more fully able to understand the nature of the work.  I could not ask for a better guide in my current journey.

A.W.  University Park, MD

A Calm Oasis

Elizabeth is WONDERFUL! I have been seeing her for a little over one year.  As she promotes on her website, she is present with you and where you are.  She loves her practice, is kind and smart and funny and oh-so-caring about your situation without breaching any professional boundaries.  Elizabeth has soft hands and a very gentle touch.  She is one of the MAJOR BLESSINGS in my life.  Her office is a calm oasis and I look forward to EVERY appointment.  She will answer any questions you have and guide you to your best outcome.  Appointment times are easy to come by…sign-up for a couple at a time to guarantee your favorite time slot.

Darren is new to the practice and I have only seen him once, but he, too, is a gentle soul with a caring heart.  See him if you have had sports injuries.  Orthopedics is his specialty.

You will not regret this choice!

S.T., Lanham, Maryland

A Gem

Elizabeth is truly a gem.  I have struggled with an auto-immune disease for about six years.  After meeting so many “challenging” people in the medical community, she is a HUGE breath of fresh air.  She genuinely cares, and she simply knows what she is doing.

I have felt much better, and my “western” doctors have been amazed with my standard progress-according-to-blood-tests.  She is not extreme or out there, but securely down to earth and logical. And I can’t emphasize her caring nature enough.  I recommend her to everyone- with manifested health problems or, even better, as a preventative care measure!  You would be glad you went!

A.W., Mt. Rainier, Maryland

Competent and Caring

It is with a very high praise that I recommend Elizabeth Fellows to you, I have had in the past, some experience with acupuncture and I can say that working with Elizabeth has been a pleasure, and her competence in this field has been demonstrated to me in the course of my treatments. She not only has demonstrated a high degree of technical competence but also her willingness to be present during all of my treatments as a fully human person in conjunction with me and open to the possibilities that are to be accessed in the present, this has facilitated my growth and personal presence in the moment.

As a practitioner, Elizabeth has demonstrated to me a very wide data-base of knowledge in the field of acupuncture. Her technical skills and comprehension of the field are excellent. She brings this knowledge into the treatment room on my every visit to her office. I have been very satisfied with the results that I have obtained during the course of the treatments that I have received from her in the past year. I have grown and been able to make progress in a holistic sense as a result of our work together, both by internally balancing myself and this has manifest itself in the physical level, externally.

M.M., Laurel, Maryland

Care for your Total Being

I love Center Point Healing. I have been a patient here since April 2007. From the time I first walked through the doors at Center Point Healing, Elizabeth Fellows has made me feel as if I was her only patient. Before she begins treating you , she sits with you each visit from approximately five minutes and discuss your issues, symptoms, your week’s major points, and/or whatever is on your mind. With this information she tailor’s your treatment to what you need that day. Each visit lasts about an hour during which time she explains what’s she doing, going to do, and what the result will be.

Center Point Healing is a true place of relaxation and warmth. Elizabeth Fellows is genuinely a nice, caring, and intelligent person . She devotes time to increase her knowledge about her acupuncture craft and she stays abreast of new techniques. I love and respect Elizabeth because if she does not know the answer to your question or issue she will let you know and go research it.

If you are looking for a acupuncturist who is concerned about your total being Center Point Healing is your place. The POINT is here you will begin HEALING and find your CENTER.

E.G., Washington, DC.


Elizabeth Fellows is a wonderful acupuncturist. She has helped me with several health issues as well as just gaining a feeling of general well-being. My treatment times have been the most relaxing time of the week for me.

S.M., Springdale, Maryland

Someone Who Listens

Elizabeth provides great service. She asks questions to ascertain any medical issues you have and really listens to what you say. Her treatment plan is holistic and I can say that the overall quality of my health has improved. I will continue to use her services.


S.B., Hyattsville, Maryland