Kathy McNeely, MS, CNS, LDN

image001My interest in nutrition as a path to healing came from my experience in Central America, where I lived and worked for six years. I spent most of my time in rural Guatemala training indigenous women as community leaders and health promoters. In the absence of Western medicines, I found that people could thrive on a balanced diet featuring plant-based protein, fresh fruits and vegetables all grown on their tiny plots of land, or forged from surrounding fields and forests. While I taught classes on basic disease prevention and hygiene, the women taught me about the healing properties of specific foods in their diets.

I divide my time between Center Point Healing and a public health clinic where I give nutritional consults to mostly African American and Spanish-speaking people living in DC and southern Maryland. I specialize in finding dietary solutions to help people slow the progression of chronic conditions, especially diabetes, pre-diabetes, anemia, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and I am fluent in Spanish.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, I trained in ministry and counseling at Harvard Divinity School and have served as a chaplain at Williams College in Western Massachusetts. I moved to Washington, DC in 1998 and for 15 years I worked to educate and advocate for international policies promoting the right for all people to have access to food, medicines and ecological wellbeing.

My husband and I live in Mt Rainier, MD. I have traveled extensively throughout east and southern Africa, as well Central and South America. I speak Spanish fluently.

My Philosophy:

Every day we are bombarded with diet plans and products that claim to be the ticket to reaching and maintaining optimal health. I firmly believe that no one diet works for everyone. My approach focuses on increasing high-quality whole foods and water, while minimizing the intake of inflammatory and artificial foods. I also look at blood panels, health history, health status, age, activity level, body composition, and personal preferences and individual health goals to assess individual nutritional needs.

Since what you eat and drink literally becomes you, whole foods, prepared properly and eaten, can effect profound changes in body, mind and spirit. As an integrative nutritionist, I use science-based diet and nutrition therapies (as well as conventional and non-conventional dietary philosophies rooted in traditional practice and scientific evidence) to support your personal health and wellbeing.

Nutrition Counseling

Kathy McNeely, MS, CNS, LDN offers nutritional counseling on Fridays, by appointment only at Center Point Healing.

90-minutes – initial consultation – $180

  • Includes: family & medical history, diet analysis, body composition evaluation and specific recommendations

1-hour follow up consultation, $90

  • Includes: assessment, monitoring, evaluation and specific recommendations.